Seasonal Color Palette: Autumn

Welcome to Autumn!🍂🍁🍂 Summer has now faded, despite the 90-degree weather 🤔, entering us into the glory of the season. When you think of Autumn, what comes to mind? Take a minute to close your eyes and visualize what the season means to you. Do you see a pumpkin patch? How about cranberries? Can you see the leaves falling from the trees? How about cuddling on your couch with your favorite sweater and a cup of hot chocolate. I bet you can smell the savory flavors of your favorite soups. Now open your eyes. What colors stood out in your vision? Orange, red, yellow, and brown, I bet. Those are the colors of the season.

Falling into the Autumn color palette means that you have a rich and vivid look with warm and golden undertones. Your wardrobe should consist of mixed warm colors that complement each other such as green, red, mustard, and purple. Think exotic and spicy 😉. These shades look classic on you, which is why this color palette is considered the most sophisticated of all the seasonal palettes.

Did you know that there are three categories in the Autumn seasonal palette? You would either fall under Soft, Warm (True), Deep. Let's take a more in-depth look into the characteristics of these categories.

Soft Autumn: You have a blend of warm and cool undertones that can mimic the traits of a Soft Summer. However, your warm undertone is more dominating.

Hair: Golden blonde, brown (light or medium), soft auburn, or warm chestnut.

Eyes: Light brown, hazel, golden blue or greyish green.

Skin: Warm olive, ivory, neutral beige

Colors: Neutral and muted colors in the Autumn family such as salmon, olive green, caramel, and khaki.

Colors to avoid: Dark, cool, and bright colors can overpower your tone.

Warm (True) Autumn: There’s no denying that your undertones are rich and golden!

Hair: Brownish-red or red hair, golden brown, light auburn, strawberry blonde.

Eyes: Golden green, hazel, warm blue

Skin: Golden beige, ivory with a golden glow, peach

Colors: Golden brown, reds (yellow or orange undertone), camel, and emerald.

Colors to avoid: Black, gray, burgundy. Dark and cool shades.

Deep Autumn: Your look is intense yet warm and vivid. As a deep Autumn, you can mix warm deep colors with lighter tones to stand out from the rest.

Hair: Medium or dark brown, black-brown, deep chestnut

Eyes: Warm dark brown, dark hazel, black-brown

Skin: Golden beige, bronze, warm olive, warm black

Colors: Rust, mustard, tomato red, olive, cream, dark brown, and mahogany.

Colors to avoid: Bright colors, lilac, pink, gray Being knowledgeable about your seasonal color palette can not only save you time with shopping but also money! Imagine having a wardrobe with colors that mute you and hides your power. Black Gold Imaging was created to educate our clients on which seasonal palettes create their power of presence.

Contact us today so we can determine if you fall into the Autumn family!

Photo credits: Rachel Nachmias and Pinterest.

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