It's Autumn, but Your Closet Screams Summer? WHY?

Now that we've transitioned into the Fall season, is your closet ready for that transition?

For some, it feels more natural to throw your clothes into a bag, and hide them under your beds until the following Summer due to limited space. However, we are going to share some tips and tricks on how to properly store your clothes to make way for the new season.⁠

1) Decipher, Donate and Clean

To get started, you should assess your summer wardrobe. What items do you currently have that no longer serve a purpose? Have you worn it this summer, and do you plan on wearing it next year? Create three piles like it, love it, leave it. Separate each item into those piles. The "leave it" pile can be donated to friends, family, local organizations, or sell on sites such as eBay, Poshmark, or LetGo.

Once you've decided on which items you love and will keep for the next few summers, you must wash, thoroughly dry or, send to dry cleaning. Doing this step will help rid your clothes of any forgotten stains. Who doesn't want their clothes to look brand new every year?

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2) Storage Bins

Have the urge to throw your clothes in a plastic bag and toss them to the side? Fight it! The best way to prevent wrinkles and to preserve your clothes is to invest in storage bins and garment bags. Storage bins are perfect for clothes that can not use hangers. Low on closet space? Companies such as The Container Store, Walmart, Target, and Amazon have storage bins and bags that can slide under your bed.

Clear bins are best since you can see what it contains. However, if you decide on color bins, make sure to label them to remember what each container holds.

Garment bags are perfect for clothes that can not be folded, such as sundresses or suits. Tip: Using fabric garment bags are better than plastic because it allows better ventilation for your clothes and prevents moisture that can lead to mold. Unsure of where you can find fabric garment bags? Check out Amazon for great prices.

Tip: Place cedar sachets in your bin and bags to keep away insects, such as moths, that could potentially damage your clothes. It also helps to keep your clothes smelling fresh. Etsy has some great choices. If you're crafty like me, you can create your sachet and add a little lavender to the mix! Hello Glow shares some great tips.

3) Storage

You've sorted, cleaned, and packed your Summer clothes, now where should you place them? If there is no space under your bed, make sure your closet is well ventilated. You should also avoid direct sunlight or artificial lighting as that will cause discoloring of your clothes. Also, keep your clothes away from attics, basements, and garages. Those places can hold moisture which can bring mold to your clothes.

Following these tips will not only keep your clothes preserved for the following Summer but can also keep your coins in your pocket!

Goodbye Summer and hello Fall!

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