How to be Productive while Quarantined Part II

Welcome to the second part of our "How to be Productive while Quarantined" series. Did you apply any of yesterday's tools to today's task list? If so, make sure you share your progress with us.

Now, let's jump into these tips!

  • Clean out your email inbox: It's 2020, why are you holding onto emails from 2012?🤔 Is it necessary to be subscribed to just about every site on the planet? It's good to keep a few emails in the event you have to refer back to a particular topic. However, after a year or two, the email is out of sight, out of mind. Let it go. Receiving coupon deals and notices from websites are great, but if you no longer shop at that venue, or only signed up to receive the "first-time buyer" code 😏, why use up space in your email? Unsubscribe! To keep your inbox organized, create folders, and filter out your emails to be placed in a designated category.

  • Social media: It's time to clean out that friends list! Are you learning anything of value from the current pages you follow? Do they add a little positivity to your day? Instagram has a feature that shows you whom you're least interacting with and those frequently shown on your feed. This feature should help you decipher whom you will continue to follow and whom to let go.

  • Learn a language: Many of us have always promised ourselves that we would one day learn a language. Well, now is the time and it's free! Apps such as Duolingo, Babbel, and Busuu makes learning languages cost-effective and fun. Have your friends and family join in with you for added excitement. 

  • Journaling: Many people are uncomfortable with sharing their thoughts, feelings, and ideas with the world; we pack them into our minds to be a faded memory. Now is the time to write out your feelings. Express yourself! Releasing your thoughts can be a huge weight lifted from your shoulders. We all have million-dollar ideas sitting in our brains. How about transferring those thoughts onto paper. Write out your goals and dreams and execute them.  

This was only day two, and we've barely scratched the surface on tools and activities to keep you productive. Can you imagine the information we will provide tomorrow? Only one way to find out. 

Stay tuned.

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