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Hello! I'm Nahema Washington, seasoned Image Developer, Executive Coach, and Speaker. After spending ten years as an administrator in healthcare, I knew there was a higher purpose for my career and left my corporate position to pursue an education at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Enrolling in the Image Consulting professional studies program, I became a certified image consultant with the Association of Image Consultants International. In addition, I served on the AICI New York Tri-State board as the Vice President of Marketing and Communications (2017-2020) and President (2021-present).

I have always been intrigued by how people presented themselves professionally and the link between the power of appearance and customer satisfaction. So, I created Black Gold Imaging in 2018 to collaborate with companies and provide executive coaching, ensuring employees reflected the company's mission and vision.

Not only does Black Gold Imaging specialize in executive coaching, but we also help one-on-one clients to reinvent themselves in every aspect of their lives. We provide the tools you need to exceed your goals of becoming a confident leader.

I believe that your first appearance is a lasting one, and it is my mission to globally help people cultivate their power of appearance that aligns with their brand. 


Online learning is more popular now than ever before. Choose from multiple e-courses that will give you the tools needed to excel in your business or personal life! 



The way you present yourself determines how the world will view you. Image consultants play a huge factor in your life by providing you with the tools needed to cultivate your professional appearance. 

Black Gold Imaging collaborates with businesses to facilitate career growth, improve performance and skills, identify and achieve goals, and ensure the employee is a mirror image of the organization's mission and vision.  


We are here to help express your highest potential and curate your needs to take your career and business to the next level!










Auria C., Editor

I consulted with Black Gold Imaging for a color analysis and found out what my colors are. I did not know my skin could look clearer and more alive just from wearing the right color! The glow-up FOR REAL. Hit up Black Gold Imaging and let it change your life!


Hana R.,
Law Enforcement

I must admit, I was a little skeptical about trying a color analysis. I didn't think I needed assistance with matching my color tone to determine which clothing looks best on me. However, once I met with the Black Gold Imaging staff, I knew I made the right decision. I had no idea that choosing certain colors would bring out the best in me. Now that I know which colors are perfect for my skin tone, my wardrobe went from blah to BOMB! My confidence is at an all-time high. Huge thank you to the BGI Team for their expertise.


Tammy W.,
Communications & Marketing

I can’t thank Black Gold Imaging enough for showing me the importance of the power of appearance. Thanks to their help, I have become confident wearing colors that people have always told me to stay away from in a professional setting. They helped me learn that it was not the colors that were unprofessional but that it is not wearing the complementary colors for your personality and skin tone that can come across as unprofessional. I now show up in style and not fashion. 


Kiyona M.,

Black Gold Imaging was instrumental to my business launch. Nahema conducted a color analysis to help me select the colors for my brand. Also, she helped me choose the perfect color and tone for the dress that I wore to my launch celebration. In addition, I have used Black Gold Imaging to assist with Social Media Management Consulting to ensure that my communications reflect my brand accurately. Thanks to Black Gold Imaging, my interactions are precise and have a consistent look and feel.

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Tiana K.,
Soul of Melanin

Starting a business is both scary and exciting and finding the right people to work with isn’t always easy. When I found Nahema and Black Gold Imaging, I hit the jackpot. She made building my website such an easy process to focus on the actual products. She represented my brand so well, and the website is impressive. She linked all of my social media profiles and gave me great tips on social media posting. If you need a web designer, Black Gold Imaging will not disappoint.



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